1. The Destructive Daisy ladies are here rockin in Poland - home made tank top!


  2. BERLIN last night ripped and we’re coming back for more in one week! Headline show at Tiefgrund on April 7 w/ Lord Dying - blast your mind and bless off


  3. Coyle (Red Fangs HNIC) bangs a gong at Truckstop Alaska in Gothenburg Sweden


  4. LET IT RIDE - tour tattoos with Red Fang and Lord Dying - ripping Berlin tonight!!


  5. Kristiania - Copenhagen, Denmark


  6. Official update! We sold all the Bless Off vinyl we had in at Eliminator - in the last few weeks we’ve sent out over three hundred records and they’re landing all over the world and some of you have got em and for others they’re still on the way. We crashed the system and Tee Pee Records are all sold out of their stock too but theres more coming - shits on the way have no fear and for those who’ve gotta wait there’s some extra patches and stickers coming at you!! Check yer local record stores too and tell em to get Bless Off on the shelf!!


  7. Christiania - Copenhagen, Denmark


  8. Stockholm goes down


  9. Stockholm! Move! Get down to Debaser and get ripped!!


  10. Court surfing his way through Hamburg


  11. Europe understands the American way #letsfreedom


  12. BLESS OFF cassette and woven patch up for pre-sale from Tankcrimes Records - http://tankcrimes.merchtable.com


  13. Sean Sheffey in the wicked lady tee - if you don’t know now you know! Photo - Shamanski



  15. Miss acidmother here in Göteborg Sweden