1. Vintage Levi’s Jacket with the wolf silkscreened on it - only one!eliminator.bigcartel.com



  3. Were back home from Europe and this Wednesday in Echo Park were blasting this party for Obey/Shepard Fairey - it’s free come rage


  4. Finally for the first time ever - Amsterdam


  5. Last night with Red Fang and Lord Dying —— tonight were headlining Tiefgrund in Berlin the worship starts soon


  6. This tour with Red Fang has been quite the knockout


  7. We are the merch crew


  8. theshrinefuzz:


    Official promo video for “Worship” from the new album Bless Off out March 11th - video by Buddy Nichols at Six Stair

    Worship promo video with photos from worldwide destruction filth and skateboarding



  9. Fucking mega bummed that the ride with Red Fang is coming to an end tomorrow in Wiesbaden but we’ve got a few headliners before we head home and a stop at Roadburn!

    April 7- Berlin - Tiefgrund
    8 - Amsterdam - Vkrankjrik
    9 - Berchum - Englantier
    10 - Tilburg - Roadburn

    All shows with Lord Dying


  10. Pure danger and terror - road dog and Eliminator Crew #1 Jason is 21 years old - happy birthday


  11. Enter the Courtland - Munich, Germany


  12. Bobby Tortilla sick gripped his old school board like a freak! Monster truck cruiser orange wheels


  13. Curtis from London in the Bless Off Zip Up Hoodie - eliminator.bigcartel.com


  14. Court seein red in Copenhagen


  15. Munich Germany - Jaffe photo