1. Heavy Crüe last night of idols influences legends family and friends - Jim Muir, Jeff Ho, Chuck Dukowski


  2. Roaddog Portillo is preparing for the festivities tonight 8 pm we hit it


  3. Getting rip ready for tonight at Obey/Shepard Faireys art show 8 pm - free - 1331 W. Sunset blvd


  4. Free show tomorrow in Echo Park at Obey/Shepard Faireys spot 8 pm


  5. Badass grip job


  6. (Source: louderthanadoubt)


  7. SACRAMENTO this Friday the 18th at The Colonial Cafe followed by Tankcrimes Brainsqueeze on the 19th at The Oakland Metro in Oakland


  8. Our brothers Dirty Fences in the new Thrasher - fucking badass dudes they just toured Europe and America in the last few months and we’ll be doing some globe-trotting with em soon - rock and roll masterpiece disaster


  9. Some of our main influences - RIP, THRASHER, and OUI magazines


  10. The original 3.5” Wolf Patch is back in stock - eliminator.bigcartel.com


  11. Vintage Levi’s Jacket with the wolf silkscreened on it - only one!eliminator.bigcartel.com



  13. Were back home from Europe and this Wednesday in Echo Park were blasting this party for Obey/Shepard Fairey - it’s free come rage


  14. Finally for the first time ever - Amsterdam


  15. Last night with Red Fang and Lord Dying —— tonight were headlining Tiefgrund in Berlin the worship starts soon